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Welcome to Timber Ridge Stables, home of Kate McGregor, her best friend Holly Chapman, and their arch rival Angela Dean. Filled with action and intrigue, this new series is a must read for savvy girls who love horses. So come along for the ride as Kate and Holly dive into a stormy summer filled with secrets and lies and impossible dreams. It's a summer you'll never forget.


1Book 1: Keeping Secrets

A valuable show jumper is dead, and it’s all her fault . . . which is why 14-year-old Kate McGregor has put horses and riding out of her life.


But her new job as a companion to Holly Chapman, a former riding star who’s now confined to a wheelchair, takes Kate back to the barn—the last place she wants to be.

Can Kate keep her terrible secret from Holly, who is fast becoming her best friend? More important, can she keep her secret from Angela Dean who lives for only two things—winning ribbons and causing trouble?

Kate manages to hide her secret until a riding accident forces it into the open ... and it's just the moment Angela has been waiting for.

2Book 2: Racing into Trouble

Ever since Kate McGregor arrived at Timber Ridge Stables, Angela Dean has been making trouble. Maybe she's angry because Kate's a better rider than she is, or maybe she's jealous because Kate's the only one who's allowed to ride Buccaneer, the barn's willfull new horse.

To further complicate matters, a new girl—Jennifer West—moves into the neighborhood and Angela sets out to impress her. But when Angela makes a fool of herself in front of Jennifer, things begin to go wrong and Kate gets the blame.

Is Angela behind the trouble?

Kate and her best friend, Holly, who’s learning to walk and ride again after an accident, can’t be sure. But they do know one thing. If Angela's on the warpath, Kate is heading for trouble, and fast!

3Book 3: Riding for the Stars

A movie is being filmed at Timber Ridge Stables, and one lucky girl is actually going to be in it. Of course, Angela Dean wants the spotlight, but Kate McGregor wants it even more. With the money she’d earn from the movie, Kate can make her special dream come true. She can buy a horse of her own.

What will Angela do to stop her? She’s tried all manner of dirty tricks in the past. But now a beloved horse is missing. Would Angela go that far?

4Book 4: Wish Upon a Horse

More than anything in the world, Kate McGregor wants a horse of her own, but the scruffy mare she rescues from the auction is hardly the horse of her dreams.

Still, Kate’s betting that one day her horse will be a champion. Together they’ll win blue ribbons. They’ll beat Angela Dean once and for all, despite the fact that Angela’s being coached by one of the top riders in the world who’s as unscrupulous as she is.

But can Kate do it? Even her best friend, Holly, is doubtful, especially when Angela spreads the rumor that Kate’s horse might be stolen property.

5Book 5: Chasing Dreams

Now that she has the horse of her dreams, Kate McGregor’s next dream is to live in Vermont near her best friend, Holly Chapman. She wants to ride for the Timber Ridge team and attend high school with Holly. But Kate's father has other plans. He wants Kate to sell Tapestry and move 2,000 miles away.

So does Angela Dean.

She will stop at nothing to force Kate and her horse out of Timber Ridge ... even if it means putting herself at risk by cheating and letting Kate take the blame for something that’s not her fault. Then Angela’s little sister, Marcia, reveals a big family secret, and everything changes … and it all happens at Halloween.

6Book 6: Almost Perfect

Kate McGregor and her best friend Holly Chapman share the same dream. They want to qualify for the annual Festival of Horses where scouts from the United States Equestrian Team will be on the lookout for promising young riders.

Pushed by her relentless mother, Angela Dean has the same dream, which means the girls are locked in a fierce competition to determine who will represent Timber Ridge at the next qualifying horse show. But when Mrs. Dean storms into action, Kate’s dream takes an unexpected tumble.

To make matters worse, Angela’s new best friend is moving to Timber Ridge and she can’t wait to join Angela’s vendetta against Kate. Except that now, Angela’s got her claws into Holly as well.

7Book 7: Taking Chances

Kate McGregor and her best friend, Holly Chapman, have swapped horses until Kate qualifies for the big show in April. But just as Kate is getting to really know Holly’s gelding, Magician, a flashy new horse shows up at the barn. He captures the heart of everyone except his owner and sends Kate’s plans tumbling into free fall, as does Brad Piretti, the local snowboarding star. He invites Kate to go skiing, and Kate takes yet another unexpected tumble.

Meanwhile Holly has set her sights on getting her mom and Kate’s dad together, as in Holly’s favorite movie, The Parent Trap. But the unwelcome involvement of their high school principal turns those plans upside down as well.

In the middle of all this, Kate’s biggest rival, Angela Dean, returns from winter vacation. Angela is coping with demons of her own and ends up turning the tables on Kate in a way that nobody expects.

8Book 8: After the Storm

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the Timber Ridge girls are excited about getting dates and new outfits for the school dance. But a blizzard plunges them into reality when the barn’s power goes out. If Kate and Holly don’t act fast, a pony may die.

But Angela Dean doesn’t care.

She spreads false rumors that Kate can’t be trusted around horses and trashes Kate’s reputation the way she did a year ago.

Kate shrugs if off.

Angela has done this many times before, and Kate has survived. But Holly warns her that this time lot more is at stake. If Angela succeeds in her latest vendetta, Kate might lose all she’s worked hard to attain—her place on the team and the respect of her two closest friends.

9Book 9: Double Feature

Holly Chapman is determined to get her best friend, Kate McGregor, back at Timber Ridge. Angela Dean and her scheming mother are equally determined to keep Kate out. But thanks to unexpected help, Holly wins, and Kate returns to the barn in time for a surprise birthday party.

This isn’t Kate’s only surprise.

Her movie-star boyfriend has been making headlines, and when Kate attends the Moonlight premiere in New York, she ends up making a headline of her own.

Then comes the Festival of Horses with an even bigger surprise. A girl from Kate’s past is tangled up with Angela’s present, and the fallout affects all of them . . . including Mrs. Dean who’ll stop at nothing to shove her daughter into the limelight.

10Book 10: Flying Changes

Now that summer has arrived, Kate and Holly are off to Beaumont Park in England—home of rock-star horses, Olympic equestrians, and a private beach for the girls to ride on.

Kate is excited about training with her idols. Holly is even more excited about making friends with a real-live princess and attending the London premiere of her favorite movie, Moonlight.

This is the stuff dreams are made of.

But beneath the glossy surface lurks danger. After a quarrel with Kate, Holly storms off with the princess and lands in more trouble than she ever bargained for.

11Book 11: Horse Camp

After flying home from Beaumont Park for their parents’ wedding, Kate McGregor and Holly Chapman are faced with Mrs. Dean’s grandiose plans to turn Timber Ridge into a millionaire’s playground and theme park. The girls can deal with an elite horse camp … but carnival rides and cotton candy stands on top of their beloved hunt course?

No way.

It’ll drive the horses nuts, never mind destroy a bunch of endangered wildlife. And so, while coping with privileged camp kids who don’t even know how to bridle their ponies and Angela’s reluctance to help out, Holly and Kate have to find a way to block Mrs. Dean.

She will ruin Timber Ridge Mountain if they don’t.

On top of all this, Angela has a new boyfriend and Kate is convinced she’s seen him before.

But where?

12Book 12: Something Royal

Someone is stalking Holly at Timber Ridge. Could it be a girl from her troubled past or a jealous rider? Kate is super-protective of her brand-new sister, and her worries ramp into overdrive when their royal friend from England shows up.

Is Princess Twiggy the mysterious “Misty” behind the Facebook taunts and evil messages that Holly is getting? Or is it Angela Dean who’s been jealous of Holly and Kate from the very beginning? The situation gets even more complicated when Twiggy’s new bodyguard stirs things up with a mystery of her own.

And what about Luke Callahan?

He’s show-jumping’s latest teen heartthrob and Holly decides he’d make a perfect boyfriend for Kate. Except there’s only one problem.

Angela wants him.

13Book 13: High Stakes

No matter how hard she tries, princess Twiggy cannot stay out of trouble. Her father has laid down strict rules, and Twiggy manages to break all of them. Flying beneath the royal radar, the headstrong princess drags her best friends into yet another harebrained adventure.

Except this one turns dangerous.

It also drives a wedge between Kate and Holly, who are trying to get ready for an important horse show that Mrs. Dean is pushing for. Angela runs hot and cold on this, which ramps up Kate’s suspicions.

Holly is concerned, too.

But their worries about Angela’s erratic behavior take a back seat when they’re confronted with a rival team that’s bent on destroying Timber Ridge.

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